Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lily's Pick

Lily in any shoe store/department is dangerous.
Lily in any shoe store/department where her sister's soccer cleat pick is taking too long is deadly.
Lily in any shoe store/department where her sister's soccer cleat 
pick is taking too long with her Dad around is a perfect storm!

"But I've always wanted flip flop high heels that are pink with diamonds."  
Her quote...not mine.  

Daddy said Yes.
Lily said Yes.  
(With fist's clenched & thrust into the air above her head.)

And we have heard her coming & going since Saturday when her dream of 'flip flop high heels that are pink with diamonds' got fulfilled.

Next up a pedicure. 
If she's going to insist on wearing them 24/7 her toes need to look pretty!

"Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm 
against the schemes of the devil."
Ephesians 6:11

Monday, March 18, 2013

Life: According to My iPhone

1. A (just because) trip to Chuck E Cheese.
2. Guilty!  Mommy finds chocolate wrappers behind the couch.
3. Lily continues to serenade us...even in her nightgown.
4. Officially registered Aubrie for Kindergarten where she had me fill out that she prefers to be called 'Aubrielle'.  She has grown up far too fast!
5 & 6. Peter Rabbit came to school for a visit!  I about fell over when Lily held it because she was one of the reasons we got rid of our dog.  #scaredofallanimals!
7. Last night of Itty Bitty Basketball.  
8. Bferg wouldn't let us go inside until he made the shot...which he did...eventually.
9. A Girls' Day of Shopping!  They are both obsessed with the people in the front of Old Navy.  And this picture was their idea!  :)

This week is SPRING BREAK!!! 
 We are all excited for a break & really hoping that the rain that is in the forecast misses us!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Party Like a PopStar!

Lily started planning her party months before March!  
Details changed, color schemes changed but two things remained the same.  
She wanted Princess & The PopStar and her invite list was only girls. 
Or as Lily would say, "Gurwls."

Lily's big gift from us was a microphone that can hook up to a ipod/phone & the music plays through it.  Lily LOVED it & then the party turned into her singing...

and singing...

more singing...

and entertaining us all!

Birthday cake & birthday crafts for the 4 year old!

We had a rockin time celebrating Lily!
We are so thankful for all of her sweet girlfriends who spent the afternoon celebrating with us!

"Sing for JOY to God our strength!"
Psalm 8:1

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lily is 4!

Happy 4th Birthday Lily!
Four years ago God added a sweet, sassy & strong little girl to our family.

While in appearance you looked like your big sister; God made you very different & for that we are thankful.

You are funny & silly!  
You can make us laugh constantly & know how to avoid consequences by batting your long eyelashes.

You have always had your own style & known how to rock it from a very young age.

It has been so fun watching you grow into your own little personality.  
Some might call it strong willed but we call it determination.
(Okay, we too call it strong willed but because you get it from me...I choose to sugar coat it!)

Our prayer for you is that you will continue to grow in your strength & use it to glorify God in all that you do!

You are a blessing to our family & we love you very much!
I cannot believe that you are 4!

Happy Birthday Lily!