Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life: According to My iPhone

1. Before church with Bferg!  
(We don't take enough selfies....)

2. A summer sunset over Beaver Lake...perfection!

3.  Pool Party with all our friends!

4.  Okra blooms!  
I had no idea that it was so pretty before it becomes an okra.

5.  We've had like one HOT day here (which is way better than last summer) but 103* is crazy!

6.  And then Sunday it was only in the 70's...while the crazies swam I tried to stay warm.

7.  Fla-vor-ice, swimsuits & dirty little girls...the perfect summer evening!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Boat & Some Bling

The second week in June the girls spent a full week with Grammy & Papa. 
It was the longest they stayed by themselves & it was a wonderful 6 night
 break for Mommy & Daddy!
They did great & had a blast playing with their cousins, helping Papa & playing in the sprinkler.
We headed up to MO the Friday before Father's Day where Bferg played it just right because he was able to come home with a new purchase.  He had found "the perfect" fishing/duck hunting boat on CraigsList that just happened to be right around the corner from my parents house.
Insert Bferg buying his own Father's Day & 10 Year Anniversary Present!

Isn't she a beauty!?!
I'm even on the title...Dream come true!

I normally like the element of surprise that goes along with gifts but because I had been feeling so crummy with Baby #3 I was happy to just go with it.  She still needs a name but the 4 of us have taken a maiden voyage & it is cute to see how much he loves it.

In order to just stay consistent & taking full advantage of our girls being gone I also got to pick out my own 10 Year Anniversary present.  I kicked around a bunch of different ideas & since we took Hawaii off the table once we decided to try for #3 I landed on jewelry. 
 It's timeless & let's be honest...a girl loves diamonds.

I call them "mine" & seriously love them! I have worn them almost every single day since getting them.  We had a low key anniversary night.  A quiet dinner out & walking around our quaint downtown.  I can't decide which is harder to believe...the fact that we've been married 10 years or the fact that almost 5 of those have been here in Arkansas!

I love Bferg more than I ever imagined possible on that day in June when we vowed our lives to each other.  We are blessed & our life is very sweet.  I am thankful for Brett's convictions & his willingness to lead our family.  I am also thankful for his compassion towards me & our girls.  He may be tough fisher/hunter guy but he loves his girls (all 3 of us!).

"For this God is our God forever and ever; He will be our guide even to the end."
Psalm 48:14

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Brief (Or Not So Brief) Hiatus

You know that feeling where you mean to do something everyday but somehow it just never happened?!?  That has been my blogging for the last 6 weeks!  
It wasn't for lack of content...because much has been happening in our little world.  
I think it had more to do with motivation & the fact that it is summer.  
Our entire schedule goes out the door come summer time.

So now I am going to lunge into a big game of catch-up & try to include 
every major event from the last six weeks.  
I'll start with this...

We are having another baby!!!!!  
And we are all very excited!
And Momma is very sick.
(Probably the #1 reason why blogging went by the way-side.)

I will be 12 weeks tomorrow so Baby #3 (which we have nicknamed Hector) 
is due to arrive January 24, 2014.
Zofran has become my bestest friend 
& my girls (as well as Bferg) have been troopers 
dealing with my all day long, constant state of nausea.

My second big news is that I have accepted a job!  
Through a crazy series of events that can only be explained by God, I was offered the position of 
Director of Women's Ministry at our church, Grace Point.
I am beyond excited about this as well as humbled & honored.
There is a little lot of fear mixed in as well but I know that this is exactly where God wants me to serve & I am confident in His ability to equip me in every way.

I'll do my best to get caught up...afterall, we just got back from a really fun vacation that needs to be highlighted!

"He must increase but I must decrease."
John 3:30