Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Total Mom Moment

I tend to obsess about teeth. Not quite as much since I quit working to be full time Mom...but I can still get all rev-ed up by the subject. (Just have Bferg tell you about me taking Aubrie to the dentist & their amazing X-ray machine...that I talked about for days!)

With that confession on the table, when Aubrie drew me a tooth this morning it instantly became blog-worthy material.  It made me so proud!  :) 

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Not I, but Christ."

This year in honor of Father's Day Bferg create a "Top 10 List" to remember & honor his Dad.  Today is the 9th Anniversary of his death & today I am letting Bferg do the blogging.
What follows are his words....

In honor of Father's Day- 10 Things my Dad Taught Me:
This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it a ranked list.  Just a few things I have been thinking about over the past few days.  My Dad was a great man, great husband, and great father. 

Invest in your family. 
We had a fairly comfortable yet not luxurious life. My parents, (like my Grandparents) did sacrifice to own a (used) boat and at one point a (used) pop-up camper. And today we all have 1,000 memories as a result.  My personal favorite memory: The maiden voyage of our Bayliner Capri. We thought it was pretty fancy because it had cup holders AND a tape deck. I will never forget listening to a TAPE of 70's hits while cruising the muddy water of Sloan's Lake in Denver. Dad had a huge smile on his face. We were all together. I still get emotional when I hear Boston- More Than a Feelin'.

Earn every penny of your paycheck. No matter what you do.
The story goes like this: the first day any of us stated our first job Dad would say "I am going to tell you what my Dad told me when I started my first job: if you run out of things to do pick up the broom and start sweeping the floor.”

A great fisherman only needs 4 lures: 1. Orig. Wiggle Wart 2. Black Plastic Worm 3. Pig-n-Jig 4. White curly tail grub. 
A REALLY great fisherman can convince his wife otherwise and have a full tackle box!  Guys: if you don't have all 4 better get 'em. If you don't know what any of this means please submit your man card!

Never stop learning and growing. 
When he was around 40ish Dad- a Southern Baptist pastor from a farm in Missouri started to read about (and the writings of) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This was just so far from his own life experiences. But he let it change him (in more ways than space allows me on FB). I think it even changed our family and our church.  There are about 100 other examples of this from Dad's life. Again, just not enough space. But if you listen to his preaching- especially later on you see how different he was from when we moved to CO in 1991. Ironically, Dad hated wasn't natural for him. But somehow he learned to embrace it, to work at it and to let what he was learning in his mind actually impact who he was and what he did. In a lot of ways he was still old school, don't get me wrong. But he TRIED not to stay stagnant.

Never stop affirming your kids. 
Every year on my birthday there was a card from Mom and Dad waiting on me when I came downstairs. Mom and Dad BOTH always took the time to write more than just "Happy Birthday Love Dad." And Dad always wrote in it himself (didn't delegate it to Mom). It was thoughtful, positive, and loving.  I am 32 now and STILL miss that card and those words from Dad as much as I miss anything about him. Fathers: affirm your kids.

Never own a pet raccoon. 
It's a long story but let's just say it ended badly for Dad. Ended VERY badly for the raccoon.

The best thing you can do for your kids of love their mother. 
Never once in my life did I question my Mom and Dad's relationship.  Kids have so many fears and stresses.   Mom and Dad's relationship should never be a source of fear or stress for a child and it never was at my house.  27% of children live apart from their Fathers. 1 in 4 Father's live apart from some or all of their children. The thought of that never crossed my mind once as a child.

Heck yes you can wear a denim shirt with blue jeans!
Rachel tells me that denim on denim is acceptable these days. But it wasn't circa 1999 and the night Dad came downstairs rocking his denim shirt, braided leather belt, and denim jeans. All four of us just pointed back upstairs while Dad turned around and made the walk of shame. "What?? It matches doesn't it."  Ferguson Family secret: Mom picked out EVERYTHING Dad wore. The man had many gifts...picking out a pair of pants and shirt that that worked together wasn't one of them. The really crazy thing is about 80% of this closet was either Khaki or, he had about a 40% chance of success if he walked in with the lights off and picked any shirt/pant combo. The harder he tried the worse it was...

Don't be soft. 
I saw Dad make difficult decisions and take responsibility for them. I saw him take huge risks and lead his family to new and scary places. I saw him do the hard things and the dirty work. I saw him go to work and preach with his thumb tied on with stitches, a huge hole in his lip and blood on his shirt, sitting on a stool after foot surgery. The man wasn't soft.

I never saw him: wear skinny jeans, play the victim, run from responsibility, complain, take a short cut, or call in sick. 
We are raising the softest generation of men ever right now. Little boys who never grow up to lead and take responsibility. We need some men who are not soft.

Be the same...All the time. I heard Dad preach 50s weeks a year, lived with him, and worked for him...I never remember thinking "hey, that doesn't line up." Dad had integrity. I can only hope to have the same level of personal integrity.

We miss him more than ever & in so many different ways. Bferg reminded me this morning, "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord...."  We have so many selfish wishes & desires, wishes that are good & valid but all still involve him still here with us on this Earth.   When we look at the Truth we see that he has not really "missed" anything here on earth the last 9 years.  We live in a fallen & broken world.  We sin & break the heart of God on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis...and he is in the Presence of the Lord!  Our Lord!  This is our temporary home & are simply passing through.  He has achieved what our hearts & souls long for.
"Not I, but Christ."  ~Dr Rick E. Ferguson


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~Tasty Tuesday~

It's hot!  I mean really hot.  I am trying not to complain because I remember back in February when it was cold.  Really cold.  On hot summer nights I just don't enjoy cooking up the huge meal.  It has even been so hot that Bferg requested a night off from the grill.  (*Gasp*  A man not wanting to grill his meat?  The Master of his Domain?  I told you it was hot!)
I recently found Mamma Mary's premade pizza crusts.  Now, I am a purist when it comes to pizza crust.  I like to make my own.  I have (in my humble opinion) perfected my crust & usually enjoy making the dough...but it is hot.  (The heat is draining...and so are the sweet little girls that I parent.)  I picked Mamma Mary's mainly because they were sold in a 2 pack.  Turns out they were really good!  Thin & crispy.  Topped however your family likes & cooked in just 10-14 minutes.

Brush with a little Olive Oil.

Sauce it!

Extra cheese?  Yes, please!
Dinner is served.  Yum!
 I hope you are all staying cool! 


Monday, July 18, 2011

2 + 2 = 4x The Fun

My brother, sister-in-law & their kids came last Wednesday to spend the weekend with us.  Our kids are just months apart in age so they are best little buds & love spending time together.  (It also means that they fight & squabble over pretty much everything...but its just this stage of life.)  We spent our time at the park, the pool & the lake. 
Aubrie & Luke sound asleep at their first sleep over.

Lily & Taylor

4 Kids + 4 Computers = Super Cute

Taylor & Aubrie

Can you guess who wasn't happy?

Lily showing Taylor a funny face.

We had a great time but all crashed hard Saturday afternoon after sending them off.


Monday, July 11, 2011

A(nother) Obsession

Pinterest.  Have you heard of it?  It is a new website that allows you to catalog things or ideas that you love.  It is like looking through a magazine & ripping out a page for something you like...only online & organized according to a category you create.  It is consuming my time...along with FB, blogging & my kids! 
Just something else to keep me busy & dreaming!  Guess its not a bad thing considering that it is SO hot here this week!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday!

Being silly.  Being silly with good friends...even better!
Happy Friday!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Weekend in {10} Pictures

Swimming with Daddy at sunset.

Fireworks over the lake.

Relaxing on the back of the boat.

Playing with "the boys".

Waiting for it to get dark.

Starting to get sleepy....

Cracking up at Collin!  :)

Fireworks at Church.

Yes, that is fire at my babies toes!  Adult supervision of course.

Americana at its Best!  Red, White, Blue & Vanilla Icecream.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Firecrackers

 Happy 4th of July Weekend!  I love the 4th of July.  I love the warm, humid nights filled with family, fun & fireworks.  Ironic, since I was the little girl who used to hide in the trunk of my parent's car because I was afraid of the "booms".    I've grown to love fireworks.  Love them!  I don't care if they are shot off after a touchdown in broad daylight, after a minor league baseball game, or on t.v. after the most dramatic rose ceremony of the Bachelorette.  I will always stop & watch them.  I find them exhilarating, romantic & just fun! 
Fun, just like these little girls!

Aubrie=Skeptical.  Lily=Excited.


And Sassy!  :)
Hope everyone has a fun & safe 4th Weekend!  You'll find us at every fireworks display in town!  :)